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Warrant of Restitutions: Evictions

The following guidelines have been prepared to assist landlords with evictions:

Scheduling of Evictions

Evictions may be scheduled only after the signed original "Warrant of Restitution" has been received by the Sheriff's Office, from the court. There are occasions when the "Landlord" will receive their copy of the "Warrant of Restitution" (sometimes a week) before the original is received by the Sheriff's Office. In these incidents the eviction cannot be scheduled until the Sheriff's Office is in receipt of the original copy of the "Warrant of Restitution".

Landlords should call (410) 836-5448 and utilize the prompt for "landlords scheduling evictions" where a message can be left. When the clerk schedules the evictions, the landlord will be called back and provided with the next available date.

Evictions are scheduled for Monday through Friday at 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM hours. It is the responsibility of the landlord to give a minimum of 24 hours' notice of the date and time of the eviction to the tenant.

Landlord's Responsibility

  • On the date of the eviction, the landlord or their representative must be present at the time of the eviction and should provide the following:
  • Minimally a crew of 4-8 people is recommended to remove the property from the residence and any necessary moving equipment.
  • The equipment and manpower should be sufficient to complete the eviction within a timely manner.
  • A locksmith for gaining entry or changing locks.
  • Equipment for moving a mobile home if the eviction involves ground rent.
  • Tools required for disassembly of large items if required for removal.
  • The contents removed are to remain at the edge of curtilage, of the property, for 24 hours. After 24 hours, it is the responsibility of the landlord to immediately remove the abandon property.
  • Unavailability of sufficient or timely resources may result in cancelation of the eviction.

Weather Conditions

An eviction shall not be canceled due to rain or snow. If the temperature is 32 degrees or below at the time of the eviction, it shall be canceled and the landlord should contact the Civil Unit at the above number and follow the instructions to schedule an eviction for a later date. Evictions may be canceled if emergencies occur requiring deputies to be reassigned.


The landlord should notify the Civil Unit as soon practical if an eviction has been canceled due to payment or other settlement with the tenant. If the eviction is canceled by the "Sheriff's Office" due to the Landlord's failure to have sufficient people or equipment to complete the eviction the "Civil Unit" shall attempt to schedule another eviction date before the "Warrant of Restitution" expires.