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Criminal Records Unit

Central Records is open twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week. Telephone numbers for the unit are 410-836-5445, 410-836-5450 or 410-879-9142. Fax 410-893-9266. The HCSO Records Manager is Jeanette Gamble and her number is 410-836-5460. You can email the Central Records unit with questions or comments at HCSORecords@harfordsheriff.org. For questions or comments regarding gambling licenses in Harford County, you can email HCSOGamblingLicense@harfordsheriff.org.

Request for Public Information

  • You must make the request in writing by letter, or by completing a Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA) request form. This form is found online at www.harfordsheriff.org or at the Security Booth at 45 S. Main Street Bel Air, Maryland. Be sure to include your name, address, and telephone number as well as your e-mail address if you wish the report to be sent by email. It is important to put as much information to identify the record(s) you are requesting such as report number, or incident date and location.
  • Requests can be mailed to the Central Records Unit at the address listed on the form or dropped off in person at 45 S. Main Street. Due to the amount of requests received, records cannot be processed while you wait and will not be faxed (Urgent requests may be addressed directly with the Records Manager, such as needing records for an urgent court date)
  • You must attach a check or money order (see fee list), made payable to Harford County, we cannot accept cash. Most records are under 9 pages and will cost $5, if you are not sure of the amount of pages you are requesting you can submit a check or money order for $5 and the Records Manager will contact you if there are additional fees. (checks are non-refundable) The Harford County Sheriff's Office does not bill so all records must be paid for in advance.
  • If the public record is releasable you can request the document be emailed electronically as long as payment has been made. (please make sure your email address is written on the request) Most requests are handled in a few days; however the law requires the request be completed within 30 days of receipt of the request, unless the requestor agrees to an extension.
  • If the request is denied, the requestor will be notified in writing within 10 days. Additional records or portions or records may be withheld if after search and review of the records requested it is determined the records or their contents may not be disclosed under Maryland Law.  In this event the requestor will be notified of the denial within 30 days of receipt of the request or agreed upon extension period.
  • There is no fee for victims of domestic violence.
  • Any request for records that include juvenile arrest must have a juvenile waiver from the court attached or the request will be denied. By law, records containing juvenile arrests are not releasable without a court order signed by a judge.
  • If you would like more information on the MPIA for the State of Maryland you can go to the Attorney General’s website. http://www.oag.state.md.us/Opengov/pia.htm
  • Any questions from the Harford County Sheriff's Office Records Unit the email address is records@harfordsheriff.org
  • Download our Request for Public Information form

    Fee List

    01-09 pages:$5.00 per report
    10-20 pages:$15.00 per report
    21-30 pages:$25.00 per report
    31-50 pages:$35.00 per report
    51-99 pages:$50.00 per report

    100 plus pages will be $50.00 set fee plus $0.30 per copy. Calls for service will be charged per page, not per incident. Charges according to the fee list above. There is no charge to a victim of Domestic Violence for a police report, photos, or tapes.

    A $25.00 charge will be attached to above report fee for every hour after two that it takes to process the request.

    Audio tapes:$10.00 per tape
    VHS Video tapes:$10.00 per VHS tape
    DVD or CD's:$20.00 per disk
    Digital photos:$20.00 per disk
    Photos (Polaroid only):4x5 photos $3.00 each

    5x7 photos $5.00 each

    8x10 photos $10.00 each

    (Photo’s copied as part of the police report will be charged according to pages of the report.)
    Individual Colored Photos
    from color copier:
    $3.00 per photo
    MVS DVD’s (in car video duplication):$75.00 per DVD

    A $25.00 charge will be attached to above for every hour after two that it takes to process the request.

    Harford County Sheriff's Office does not bill for duplication of records, all requests must have fee attached or it will not be processed. All documents will be mailed to the requestor, only exceptions will be for urgent court cases.