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  • LAW ENFORCEMENT ANALYSTClosing date: 06/25/17Researches and collects data to monitor trends, patterns, and changes in society which impact quality and delivery of service to the community i.e., population, housing, technology, operating activities, incidence of disease or crime, and calls for service; collects and compiles intelligence information to generate data for support in investigations; collects, categorizes, analyzes, prepares and disseminates information relative to actual or anticipated criminal and/or terrorist activity; performs other duties as assigned.
  • COURT DEPUTYClosing date: 06/30/17Employee is responsible for the physical security of facilities under the purview of the Sheriff. Employee maintains a uniformed presence in the various buildings and/or hearings as assigned in order to deter crime and maintain a safe working environment for court personnel. This is not an entry level position. Successful applicants must currently be a certified law enforcement officer in the State of Maryland.
  • DEPUTY RECRUITClosing date: 07/16/17Harford County Sheriff's Office is seeking to establish an eligibility list for the position of Deputy Sheriff Recruit, with responsibility for delivering law enforcement service throughout Harford County.

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If you are interested in a position that is not currently posted as open for applications, please submit the following information to recruiter@harfordsheriff.org to be notified when the position is available:

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  • Position (there are only 3 options: law enforcement, corrections or civilian)

When the position opens, you will be notified via the email address provided that you can apply online for the position.

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