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  • SEX OFFENDER VERIFICATION INVESTIGATORClosing date: 01/27/17 The Harford County Sheriff's Office Sex Offender Verification Investigator conducts address verification checks on registrants to ensure they are following the requirements of the sex offender statutes; completes all necessary forms; maintains detailed files of offender verification and visits; prepares case files and related documentation for sex offenders and ensures they are up to date; completes charging documents on registrants for violations of Maryland sex offender statutes and testifies in judicial proceedings; performs other duties as assigned.
  • MAINTENANCE OFFICERClosing date: 01/27/17Troubleshoot, inspect, repair and replace security mechanisms, plumbing equipment, electrical devices, and air conditioning and heating systems; oversee contractors who come in to perform repairs; supervise inmates on details; perform other duties as assigned.

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