Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

How do I get crime stats for the County? An area I want to move to? My Street? For a Scouting Project?
You can find the information online through our partnership with
Do you fingerprint government applicants, childcare workers, etc? Where? When? How Much?
Click here to learn about our Fingerprinting services.
What sector do I live in?
Click here to view the Sector Map
What information can a police/sheriff's office release to the public?
This answer is too long and complex to answer via the Web. Call the Central Records Office 410-836-5450 for answers to this question. Download our Request for Public Information form. Please also see our fee list for Public Information Requests.
How do I find out if a child sexual offender is living in my neighborhood?
You may contact the Megan's Law Unit at 410-638-3168 for a detailed explanation or visit the MD Sex Offender Registry.
Do you offer tours of the Sheriff's Office and whom do I contact to arrange the tour?
Yes, tours are provided and arranged through our Community Policing Unit nearest you.
Does the Sheriff's Office provide support for the Crime Prevention Merit Badge for Boy Scouts of America?
Yes, the merit badge program is supported through our Community Policing Unit nearest you.
What should I do if I see graffiti on a building or sign located near my neighborhood or work place?
If it is on public property - call our General Business Line at 410-838-6600 and ask to speak to someone in the precinct located closest to the vicinity of the graffiti. Alert them as to where and when you saw the graffiti. A patrol deputy will be dispatched and be responsible for making an initial determination as to whether it is ordinary graffiti or gang related graffiti. If it is on public property a work order will be issued for clean up and removal. Should the graffiti be determined to be gang related, the patrol deputy will contact our gang unit.
If it is on private property - Report it to Police immediately at the general business line 410-838-6600. A deputy will determine if gang or tagging related. The home or business owner should record it, (photograph or video) for records/insurance purposes. And then remove the vandalized item immediately.
How do I pay my parking ticket?
The violation notice and fine amount may be returned by mail, personally or by an authorized person to Harford County Government, Revenue Collections, 220 South Main St, Bel Air, MD 21014.

If properly returned with the correct fine, no court appearance is necessary.

A court hearing may be obtained upon written request within 21 days of the violation issue date to Harford County Sheriff's Office, Records Unit, 45 South Main St, Bel Air, MD 21014.

Property Management Unit

Does the Sheriff's Office have records on pawn transactions in the county?
Yes. Each of the licensed pawnshops and second hand precious metals dealers is required to submit records of their transactions to the Sheriff's Office. The records are maintained in a database and are a valuable resource for locating stolen items and developing investigative information.
An item that was stolen from my home has been found in a pawnshop. How do I get it back?
The item must first be reported as a stolen item to a law enforcement agency. When there is a report on file the Property Management Unit will notify the pawnshop to hold the item, then a deputy sheriff may retrieve it and continue the investigation.
Does the Sheriff's Office hold auctions for unclaimed items?
Yes. The Sheriff's Office utilizes, an online police auction site, which auctions off all abandoned, seized and unclaimed property. The online auction format is continuous and on-going throughout the year. Note: each time the Property Management Unit submits items for auction, notice will be advertised in a local paper prior to sale.
Unclaimed/forfeited guns ARE NOT offered to the public.
Is it important that I record the serial numbers of my personal belongings?
Yes. The serial number of each item that comes into our custody is checked through a nationwide database of items that have been reported stolen. Likewise, serialized items traded through local pawnshops are also checked. Owners of stolen items are often located through this resource.
How do I contact the Property Management Unit directly?
The Property Management Unit is staffed weekdays from 7 AM to 3 PM, and can be reached by calling 410-836-5420. Voice mail is available at all times.