How to Obtain a Gambling License

In order to process applications in a timely manner, we must receive completed applications in our office a minimum of five business days prior to the event.

Each organization is permitted 52 Bingos (includes one day Instant Bingos), 12 Raffles, 12 Paddle Wheels, and 4 Members Only Instant Bingos per year. An organization will not be issued more than 1 Bingo or Paddle Wheel per week. Raffles with a cash prize greater than $1,000.00 shall post a bond or an irrevocable letter of credit. Games of 50/50 may be conducted during a meeting of an organization without a license. Otherwise it requires a raffle license.

Cost of Gambling Licenses

  • Bingo and/or 1 day Instant Bingo is $5.00 per event.
  • Raffle is $10.00 (includes Quarter Auctions & Games of 50/50).
  • Paddle Wheel is $10.00
  • Paddle with Bingo and/or 1 day Instant Bingo is $10.00
  • Instant Bingo “members only” (3 months) is $15.00

All payments received for gambling licenses must be in the form of check or money order made payable to "Harford County". License application fees are non-refundable nor can credit be given. If you are unsure of amount owed with your application or have any other questions you can call Records at 410-836-5445, Monday to Friday, 7 am to 4 pm.

How to Fill Out an Application for Gambling License

  1. Download and print the application in 2 copies. Online submissions are not accepted.
  2. At top of application indicate whether you want the license mailed to you or if the license is to be picked up. We do not make phone call notifications for pick-ups. If you need to check on status of application call 410-836-5445.
  3. Section I. Please place an “X” next to the license you are requesting. If raffle license is being requested you must provide a list of the items to be raffled.
  4. Section II. Please place an “X” next to the box that applies to your type of organization.
  5. Section III. Please fill out date, time and location of event.
  6. Non Profit ID number – any application submitted without their ID number cannot be processed.
  7. Complete the bottom section for name and address of organization. Please provide contact phone number should we have any questions regarding the application.

After the Date of Licensed Event

Please return the bottom half of the license within 15 days after the end of the licensed gaming event. Bottom half of license must be completed with gross amount of cash proceeds (#3 (1)) and disposition of those proceeds (#4). This information is required by law and an organization that fails to file a report is not entitled to another license until the latter of one year after the report is due, or the day the report is filed properly. You can mail the report, drop it off at 45 S. Main Street or fax it to 410-893-9266.

For further information on the State and local Gaming Laws please consult Maryland Law through You will find gambling under Maryland Code, Criminal Law, Titles 12 and 13.

Mail your application and appropriate fees to:

Harford County Sheriff’s Office
Attention: Central Records / Gambling License
P.O. Box 150, 45 South Main Street
Bel Air, MD 21014-0150
Office Telephone: 410-836-5445

(You may bring your completed application to the Harford County Sheriff’s Office, Monday through Friday, 24 hours per day)

Download your Application Here:

Application for Gambling License