Southern Precinct

The Southern Precinct covers the most densely populated and developed portion of Harford County. More than 60% of all Calls for Service are handled out of this precinct.

The Southern Precinct once located at 1010 Gateway Drive broke a long-standing tradition of all patrol operations being handled out of Sheriff's Headquarters at 45 S. Main Street. The 2,500 square foot building that was converted from a 7-11 store in 1996 closed for daily operations on April 2, 2012 when the new Southern Precinct opened at 1305 Pulaski Highway in Edgewood MD. With over 42,000 square feet of space, the new precinct is home t approximately 120 Sheriff's Office personnel including the Special Operations Division Command. The new precinct was designed to better accommodate the community's growing needs.

Precinct Investigative Unit

The Precinct Investigative Unit is comprised of deputies assigned to each precinct that have received advanced and specialized training. The Unit is responsible for the investigation of specific types of burglaries, vehicle thefts, theft schemes, frauds, and various street crimes such as robberies and assaults. In addition, the unit conducts various surveillance details, sting operations, and search warrants. They work in conjunction with our Criminal Investigative Division, local jurisdictions, and numerous other Law Enforcement agencies throughout the state in order to investigate and apprehend criminals.