Police Services

As the primary law enforcement agency in Harford County, the Police Services Bureau under the command of a Major parallels that of other police agencies throughout the state. The Sheriff and his deputies are charged with enforcing Maryland laws, and arresting criminal offenders. Uniformed deputies handle over 161,000 calls for service annually encompassing situations such as: traffic accidents, neighborhood disputes, juvenile delinquency, domestic violence, and a multitude of other criminal and social problems. Quite literally a deputy must be able to handle practically every situation imaginable; however the increasing complexities of law enforcement have produced the need for specialized training in narrowly defined areas of operation.

The Police Services Bureau is carved into two precincts and a Special Operations Division. Located in Jarrettsville, the Northern Precinct is under the command of a Captain. At the opposite end of the County, the Southern Precinct located in Edgewood is lead by another Captain. A Captain also oversees the Special Operations Division, which consists of the Community Action Response Team (C.A.R.T), Gang Suppression Unit (G.S.U), Traffic Unit, Community Policing, K-9 and several secondary assignment units, which encompasses the Special Response Team (SRT), the Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT), SCUBA team and Honor Guard.