Interagency Processing Center

The initial point of entry for all persons arrested is the Interagency Processing Center. An arrestee is brought into a secure sally port and an exchange of leg irons is conducted. While in the IPC, the prisoner is fingerprinted, photographed, has an Iris Scan to verify identification and a criminal history will be conducted to check for any wants or warrants. If the arrestee is sober and cooperative, they will be taken to a court commissioner located adjacent to the IPC and a bail will be set or the arrestee may be released on his/her own recognizance (Local resident, employed, family, type of charge, etc). If the arrestee is released on their own recognizance or can post the bail amount, and they have no other pending charges they will be released from the facility at that time. The processing of prisoners by IPC personnel permits the arresting agency to place their law enforcement officers back into service with minimal down time, saving an average of 45 minutes per prisoner.

If the arrestee cannot post bond, they will be taken to the booking side of the IPC. Information will be entered into a database, various forms will be completed, and all personal and clothing items will be taken, listed and secured in a property room. A strip or intake search will be conducted, depending on the type of charge and an inmate uniform will be issued, along with basic linen and toiletries. In most cases male arrestee's will be placed into the classification holding block to await an interview with a classification counselor to determine permanent housing. Certain individuals may be placed into alternate housing areas depending on their demeanor, the amount of bond or the notoriety of the crime.