Correctional Services

The Correctional Services Bureau’s, primary objective, under the command of a Warden and Assistant Warden, is the care, custody, and control of inmates. Unlike prisons, where many inmates serve lengthy sentences, the Harford County Detention Center houses only those inmates awaiting trial or sentencing, and those serving sentences of 18 months or less. While some equate the short lengths of stay with minimum-security offenders and minor criminal offenses, the Harford County Detention Center is the initial entry point for every person arrested for committing a crime in Harford County - from minimum - to maximum-security inmates, from trespassers to murderers. Those inmates ultimately sentenced to 18 months or less incarceration remain at the Harford County Detention Center to serve their time. Those sentenced to 18 months or more serve their sentences at the appropriate state or federal correctional institution.

The Correctional Services Bureau is divided into two primary divisions:

  • Operations
  • Administrative Services

The Harford County Detention Center Operations Division led by a Captain oversees the following:

The Administrative Services Division led by a Captain handles the following:

  • Inmate support services
  • All administrative services (i.e. Accounting, Standards, Classification, Commissary, Correctional Records Unit, Medical Services, Pre–Trial Services, Program Coordination, Work Release/Home Detention, Food Services, Transportation Unit, and Facility Maintenance)